AeCore Entertainment is a media company that develops
and promotes Music Artists from around the World.



AeCore develops and promotes music artists. AeCore supports young talent to be successful as recording artists and as people.

AeCore produces music and multi-media and secures strategic licensing and publishing opportunities.


AeCore’s capabilities are recording, songwriting, mixing and mastering. AeCore has studio setups in Malmö, Sweden and in London, UK. We produce songs for artists, commercials, movies, TV shows and other synchronization. We can customize songs for companies and develop theme music.

AeCore's Mission

AeCore Entertainment is a media and marketing company that promotes artists and music authentically and innovatively. AeCore’s artist roster includes songwriters and singers who are multi-cultural and multi-lingual (undiscovered) stars from around the world.

AeCore embraces people, places and culture. We share it back in authentic music in its many forms because music has no boundaries. Music enhances, enlightens and connects people.