AeCore Entertainment is a media company that develops
and promotes Music Artists from around the World.

Multi-Media Services


AeCore ’s capabilities are recording, songwriting, mixing and mastering. We have studio setups in Malmö, Sweden and in London, UK. We produce songs for artists, commercials, movies, TV shows and other synchronization. We can customize songs for companies and develop theme music.

Music Production

AeCore produces music in any genre using live instruments, electronic music, orchestra and/or a mix depending on the sound. Customized music is produced specifically for a project… for a song, film, video, or podcast production.

Song Production

AeCore can write and produce fully custom songs using our professional singers and songwriters. AeCore can also produce songs in any style with your lyrics and vocals. We can also offer additional services such as lead vocals, backing vocals lyric writing and mixing.

TV, Radio & Advertising

AeCore can offer a range of audio services for TV, radio, video and film including customized music, advertisements and song recording, custom song production, film scoring and more.